About Workhouse

Workhouse are a small graphic design and visual communications company. Some of the things we like doing:

  • Designing logos and visual identity packages
  • Designing books
  • Designing menus
  • Designing ads for posters, magazines and online
  • Designing websites
  • Designing signs
  • Designing programs, flyers and leaflets
  • Designing feature walls for interior design

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The Dublin Poster is a labour of love, created over the course of 2012 and launched in September 2012, we sold our limited edition first run of 500 posters in two months.

The poster was created by Alan Wall and Richard Walshe, two non-Dubs who have lived in Dublin most of their adult life. We thought our outsider view and local knowledge would make a great poster. So taking an idea from Aaron Draplin we started working on our Dublin poster. We are currently working on a Cork and Galway version but our graphic design work at Workhouse keeps us too busy to finish it!

Media enquiries, licensing etc. contact Richard Walshe at 01 6788965 or 087 786 7202.

Workhouse is located at 40 Dame Street, Dublin 2.
Email studio at goworkhouse.com.

Workhouse Promotional Services Limited. Reg No. E0334161. Registered office: 40 Dame Street, D02 VA44. Directors: A. Wall, R. Walshe. A limited liability company based in Ireland.

12 Great Dublin posters to choose from. The Dublin poster is "a patchwork quilt of awesomeness" according to LeCool. These posters are a love letter to our favourite city. A framed poster will make a great gift for someone this Christmas!